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    Marine Auxiliary Machinery Factory Wuxi Jianghai adhere human resources are the primary resource, people-oriented, establish an innovative mechanism to promote the development of the company as human resources management basic starting point. Personnel come to the fore to create a good atmosphere. Core of qualified personnel to focus on optimizing the structure of human resources, improve overall quality.
    Who seek to streamline and control the total staff to ensure team capable. Strengthen the company's internal potential, improve staff quality, optimizing staff structure to meet the demand for workers. The good entry pass, through the introduction of high-quality workforce optimization of the quality of the staff structure.
   1, people-oriented, wide poly backgrounds to affection
   2, capable authority, power is controlled by Paul
   3, to be employed by: no seniority, capable, Yongzhe, fair competition, survival of the fittest
   4, Zhirenshanren: based on individual strengths for the corresponding work, personal goals and corporate development closely
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