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Wuxi OMS works on 1-4 December 2015 Marintec[2015-12-08]
The winches on the 500T floating Crane which salvage "Oriental Star" w[2015-06-08]
OMS Staff Tour Jiuzhai Valley[2014-07-09]
Ouma Sen Staff hi Tour Expo[2011-01-25]
Jianghai build the largest load auxiliary hydraulic towing winch[2011-01-25]
Participate in the 2009 Shanghai International Exhibition of marine[2011-01-25]
Foreign investors to visit the company[2011-01-25]
Jianghai Auxiliary ships Works on November 27, 2007 -30 No. participate in China[2011-01-25]
The factory on 051 083 747 020 This number has been disabled for a long time, he[2011-01-25]
July orders were more than 600 million marine winch[2011-01-25]
Auxiliary ships Factory Wuxi Jianghai 3 sets of hydraulic towing winch 2500KN ac[2011-01-25]
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