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Jianghai build the largest load auxiliary hydraulic towing winch
【Date:2011-01-25】 【Font:B M S】 【Print】 【Close
The largest load from / hydraulic towing winch anchor - 2500 kN hydraulic towing machine design has passed the expert review. Machines of this type of towing the ship by the auxiliary plant in Wuxi Jianghai own design, has officially entered the manufacturing stage.
Review meeting, plan approval from the China Classification Society, Shanghai Salvage Bureau, Shanghai Ship Design Institute and other units of the 12 experts agreed that the type of towing machine design scientific and rational, with some reliability and security, The hydraulic system, electrical control system meets the General Plan basic design and towing every function and control requirements, and meet the relevant specifications and standards.
In the past, China's large load hauling rope machine entirely dependent on imports, manufacturing such products very few domestic enterprises, coupled with the quality of towing machine is directly related to the safety of the ship construction, ship owners also tend to use imported products. With the domestic enterprises and technological progress and development, now, China has fully capable of self-manufacture of such equipment. "General Manager Chen Haosong Jianghai auxiliary plant, said construction machine towing a large load the main difficulty lies in processing box structure. In this process, not only sufficient to make the rigid box, but also it does not produce when in operation deformation, so as to ensure efficient work of the ship.
According to reports, the auxiliary plant will Jianghai Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jiang Haijiang 3 sets of manufacturing machines of this type of towing for marine engineering support vessels, work boats with three 12,000-horsepower package. Auxiliary plant in Wuxi Jianghai first major production of the Yangtze, river ship deck machinery and other ancillary products. In 2004, the company under its own characteristics and market demand, developed a strategic transformation plan, the decision to develop the original business, the focus gradually shifted production of higher value-added engineering vessels, marine equipment, and has started to produce A type of oil pipe-laying vessel crane, anchor winch, pipeline transportation and lifting equipment, marine exploration ship winch, platform with three working boat with a tow rope and other products. Currently, the company held orders scheduled to September 2010, sales revenue this year will reach 80 million yuan.
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